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It Takes A Kampung...

Taking place within a single evening, “It Takes A Kampung” is an art exhibition and fundraiser that celebrates the 18th anniversary of WE CARE Community Services.

Recovery requires the support of an entire kampung. Community support is crucial to addiction recovery and provides a strong foundation for individuals seeking to overcome addiction.

The artworks and crafts at this event have been generously donated by the people who make up the satellite communities and networks revolving around the efforts of WE CARE: the beneficiaries that we treat, staff, friends, supporters, families, spouses and our partners.

Within this nurturing ecosystem, individuals battling addiction find acceptance, understanding, encouragement, and the resources necessary for their recovery journey.

Sharing a common language through artistic expression fosters a sense of belonging, and helps us realise that we are walking together as we face life’s challenges and successes.

Above all, creative endeavour reminds us that we are all connected. And each and every brother and sister, a work of art.

And when they are lost, a simple gesture from us is sometimes all it takes to get them back onto the right kampung path again.

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