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It Takes A Kampung is the theme for a one-evening-only art exhibition and fundraiser held on 20th July 2023 at The Chapel to commemorate WE CARE’s 18th anniversary.


The theme is a play on the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” which likely originated from an African proverb. It delivers the message that it takes many people to make up the village that provides a safe and healthy environment for children to grow up in, where they can develop to their potential.


Likewise, this jubilee celebration honours the diverse individuals, groups and agencies that are instrumental in helping WE CARE treat the community of persons recovering from addiction.


The support of our kampung members is critical to enable our community to recover, to grow, to flourish and to realise their hopes and dreams.


Art is invaluable in mental health therapy and recovery, and allows persons to focus, relax and express themselves in non-verbal ways. It safely represents their inner mental states, it helps them to develop awareness and it nurtures their personal growth and emotional rebuilding. 


We celebrate our kampung by showcasing the artistic expressions of both our kampung members and our recovering community through paintings, sketches, drawings, photographs and craft.


Our grateful thanks to every donor, contributor and supporter of this exhibition.


For more information about WE CARE and the services we provide, kindly visit

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